Nature Observed

31 Mar

He likes the driving seat reclined.

He sat next to her with his eyes forward and no words to offer. One hand gripped the steering wheel in perfect lax. His body sat reclined and all powerful like a lion, eyes ahead. He’s a hunter, indeed.  But so am I.

He never had to speak.

His jaw line sat unintentionally clenched-structured as if expertly painted and sketched to rare proportions. Yes, this man’s physicality was everything she absolutely feared. Everything was unintentional and all the more intimidating. His walk never slipped in its stride and she was lost in it. His smell, that tone, exposed forearms and the way those hands never held on too tight.

But it was enough to keep her engulfed in this mystery. She even squinted when she thought of him.  What is it?

It’s presence.

“So where do you go when you guys are together?”
 “I’m never sure of a destination, just that it’s coming. We could be driving backwards on fire and a part of me would still be buckled in-to him.”

Ongoing conversation and no words spoken. It was this she hated and feared; the drive he constantly took with her.

But she loved it, absolutely craved it.


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