Written at 18

20 Apr

I’ve been trying to find words

to show you accurately, everything I really mean

the ways you amaze me

could fill stanza’s in volume

And I would write this book:

On all the ways your smile radiates through me,

Rich chocolate skin,

my guilty pleasure,

sweet indulgence, candy coated forevers

strong features, these are the beautiful makings of a man.

With God in your eyes,

I live for that light.

Your cold nights can at all times call to my warm arms

Dry your tears with my lips

and kiss you until your face sored with a smile.

Mohagany brother you have my attention, my affection,

my being and my reasons for leaving all others in the dust,

did I mention you have my trust?

I just had to note all the ways you simply amaze me,

again and again

and again.

Every breathe I take I wish it into your soul,

down through your heart

where you hold the key to everything beautiful I’ve ever and have never seen.

I’ve attempted to write this, say this, sing this, pray this

to no real satisfaction at all.

So I’ll continue to show it,

all the ways I adore you

because for once, words have failed to justify.


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