“We just got swallowed up, you know I didn’t forget you”

2 May

In the world of artistry (who isn’t an artist these days?) we (the artists…the world :-/), mainly aim to present our very best mediums. And yet that’s really all audiences should expect from an artist: an attempt to reach they’re fullest potential within they’re allotted gifts.

I like variety in music. Hell, I like variety in life. But, there’s nothing more invigorating than hearing (or seeing) something “new” and being blown away. Or better yet, blown to inspiration. Here are three artists that as of late have that “blown away” potential.

1. Outasight- “People, Places, Things”

2. The Noisettes “Never Forget You”

3. I didn’t say artistry was limited to just music! Here’s a talented make up artist, Michelle Pham, (for the ladies…well, and willing gents too)- as of now Michelle is the most viewed make-up artist on YouTube.com. Originally from Tampa, FL this 21-year-old former sushi waitress knows how to work a wand, the camera and a palette!


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