Slim Thug-Say WHAT?

11 Jun

He can’t be serious with this….. 

 Recently on Houston rapper Slim Thug went in on black women and our relations with black men. (See here). If you’ve read it, needless to say after reading his words plenty of people were outraged, and although I see where his aim was and what Slim was trying to say, I certainly can’t disagree with the backlash that came along, It’s no secret that the state of black relationships has been suffering and the mentality pertaining to such is (for lack of better words) backwards. There’s a disconnect, and there are many components that contribute to why that exists; media, history, ignorance, community etc.

It is indeed a problem. However (!!!) it is not a problem that speaks in definition of ALL black women. There’s no denying the influx of women (not just of color) defining themselves and their relationships by material means. It’s glorified all over reality t.v. and through some of our music, thus spilling right over into our communities. But these kinds of blanket statements Slim Thug makes won’t ever hold as a truth for all women. There are plenty black women who care more about a man’s mentality, morale and sense of responsibility then we do about his pocket-size. Not to say that doesn’t matter- relationships should be smart partnerships, especially in marriage. 

I see what Slim Thug was aiming for in his post (which by the way do not reflect the beliefs of but it also makes me wonder what kind of chicks he’s been involved with  f****g with (?!) He then goes on to compare black women to white women, claiming his brother (whose girlfriend is white) doesn’t have to put up with “all that arguing and fighting and worry about all [that] other shit.” He also goes on to state, “my girl is black and white. I guess the white half in her is where she still cooks and do all the shit that I say, so we make it.”

Are you serious?

Like I said I don’t completely disagree with Slim’s perception of black relationships, but I sure as hell don’t appreciate his wording or argument. For one if I were a white woman reading this (yet again) perpetuation of the docile white woman stereotype, I’d be outraged. Women are women, just like men are men- we all vary in our characteristics and none of us appreciate being boxed into some category. So what gives him the right? If you’re having problems dealing with a particular kind of person repeatedly then it’s clearly time to check yourself. Slim Thug can’t  speak on behalf of all men like he can no more validly speak against all black women.

Amidst the audacity of his poorly stated post, Slim Thug raises a point about a mentality that exists and contributes to the disconnect in black relationships, but he handled his points all wrong. Not all black women are gold diggers, money hungry or poor in our sense of priorities. Not all white women are overtly submissive and weak in their relationship demands. Can we then call men dogs? Pimps?  What about the men who put money before anything else? What about the many women out here who are executives, lawyers, doctors, editors, entertainers, teachers, athletes or simply women who successfully take care of home?

Instead of throwing black women under the bus and grouping us into a label of Louis Vuitton/Louboutin chasing hoes, maybe the mentality (and actions) that need analyzing are Slim Thug’s own. For all the many intelligent, loving, dynamic and independent, black AND white women there are; if gold-digging and uneducated is all he can come up with when trying to address a more internal problem in our society, then homie needs to look (and think) again.


One Response to “Slim Thug-Say WHAT?”

  1. TheThreeDolls June 26, 2010 at 5:25 AM #

    Love, love, love this post! Very well written with great points! I love that you stayed classy with your response and I totally agree that the internal problem that we are dealing with in our society can never be summed up into any one stereotype.


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