Style Predictions: Summer 2010

21 Jun

Fashion is a forward moving-ever style-inventing entity. Successful fashion trends are born in two parts; we’ll call it a partnership.  The designers create- the consumers (or lack thereof) supply the judgment.In actuality I’m not one for trends; I believe in style always being individually tailored, but trends can always contribute to style statements!

No other opinion beats that of your own, so I took to the people for style infused predictions on what our favorite season’s 2010 fashion scene is likely to bring. Shout out to fellow fashionista’s Tika Marie and Ms.Bianca Rose for the good word!

What’s hot this summer ladies?

 Tika Marie:They don’t call it statement jewelry for nothing. If you want to say something with your accessories this summer, it’s all about organic looking rings and bracelets. Bright bold colors and texture mixing (leather, gold, silver and beads) will take your look to the next level.”

 Bianca Rose: “I’m seeing a lot of innovative changes in people’s appearances lately, but there is one thing that I particularly like: belly shirts. I have been seeing these worn by females around NYC lately and I am loving it. Unfortunately, this type of clothing article isn’t for everybody. BUT, it’s a chance for females to get their body up and in shape. I just LOVE to see girls with sick tummies wear these shirts. It is the sexiest thing. A belly shirt and a pair of simple jeans with a nice hairstyle can make a simple outfit look HOT.”

Tika Marie: Also Rompers(!) with all of the different colors, and prints that rompers come in coupled with the fact that they are virtually flattering on everyone, every girl should have at least one in her closet.

Summers just begun, but it won’t be here for long. And unless your lucky enough to live in tropical climates all year round, now is the prime time to show off some skin, get or continue to be physically fit and of course portray you’re own true-to-you fashion sense. Hopefully these hot items add some spark to you’re summer wardrobe, but it’s a lipstick jungle out there ladies always keep the attitude fab and fierce! ;)

Rompers via

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