In The Garden

2 Sep

Life is funny. No really, it is. It may take a while for the laughter to emerge, but if you look at from different angles, there is humor in it’s peaks and valleys.

After spending the summer away for writing and internship purposes I’ve learned quite a bit about myself, the world and how things work. I’ve learned about maturity, growth and becoming really who you’ve always been anyway. It’s like plant growth. The seeds are already present but without nurturing and proper care, they remain stagnant and possibly never bloom. I’ve learned the names to  some of my seeds, although it took some digging. It took the earth being roused a little  and for some areas to go dry before I could notice the lack of sunlight in others. I’ve lost some battles, but I’m still very much winning.

I’ve realized as long as you’re still living and still waking up even into the most trying situations; you. can. still. win. And that sometimes you can’t rush the process. In fact the process is what makes winning that much more valuable.

My mom always tells me I’m just like my dad with my optimism but on the flip side she doesn’t know where I get my defeated attitude that comes out sometimes. That’s just another challenge I’m overcoming. No one ever said a garden didn’t hold some weeds, but even they can be transformed into nourishment for the bloom season. They are called, “sources of inspiration.”


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