Butterflies in the Room.

29 Sep

The water was louder than my thoughts. It was louder than the screaming silence between us. It took me from this shifting atmosphere. Legs curled up, I sat in the window and watched a woman in her green parka react to the suprise of how hard the rain was falling. A man struggled to hail a cab. Two joggers in wind breakers trotted by.

I looked up to see his reflection staring at me; so handsome even in the midst of heartbreak, even his most solemn expressions gripped my body. However, I was at peace.

“Don’t you think we should talk about this further?”

“Talk about it for what?”

“There’s an elephant in the room. Doesn’t this deserve closure? That’s it?” His bags hung over his shoulder and under his eyes. I’d stopped crying three weeks ago.

“Leave what’s wild to be wild.” I glanced back at the rain: a sea now of trenchcoats, umbrellas, and colors. He left without true words as usual.  Life goes on, I thought. “I have perfect closure”


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