Bitch is the New Black: A Review

24 Dec

I may have tweeted out that “Helena Andrews is the most hilarious writer I’ve ever read” a plethora of times during the last month. I’ve been waiting to read this book all summer and it did not disappoint. A graduate of Colombia University and a contributing writer for The Washington Post and GLAMOUR Magazine, Andrews offers all kinds of comically tinged reflections in her sixteen essays on relationships, wishful relationships, growing up as she did and dating while working as one of the only black journalist at the NY Times during the Obama run for Presidency. In her introduction Andrews says: “Dear Toto, Kansas sucks. I get why you chose Oz. Advanced balloon technology is on the rise, so maybe we’ll see each other again. Love Cinderella.” And onto the next page it was. Andrews manages to keep her tone comical, yet heartfelt while reminiscing on even her most embarrassing and even sorrowful moments.

This was one of those books I ran back to over and over, in every open opportunity and allowed Andrews words to keep me thinking through another class (or dreaded work shift) about the experiences we go through in the dating game. This book made my year book-wise. It was my first purchase on my Nook and trust me I practically ran into Barnes and Nobles just to download it before they closed. My life is pathetic sometimes, yet I digress: INVEST in this book! With chapter titles like: Dirty Astronaut Diapers, Riding in Cars with Lesbians and Your Sixteen Cents, your winning. This one inspires you to embrace that inner sass: go on and do it- I haven’t looked back since ;)


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