Love & Beauty Nail Polish

17 Jan

 This ones for all my über girly girls: We know no limit when it comes to embellishing ourselves in being pretty and have no shame in well…stuntin’ on you &*%$!!!! Just kidding. I mean sometimes I think about the fact that I’m soon to be 22 years old and still losing complete control over anything hot pink or bedazzled.

Alas, I don’t care.

I am still 21 and this beautiful addiction will probably never die, I’ve seen women twice my age shamelessly rocking their femininity and inner kitten. Yet I digress…

My latest obsession has been with a certain brand of nail polish, Forever 21’s  “Love & Beauty.”  Though I love Forever 21, their clothing  isn’t always impressive in terms of originality, but I AM always intrigued by their variety of accessories and nail colors. Case in point: It’s always a good thing when choosing a selection of red, would you like that red bright and spicy or more of a  maroon hue? When deciding between the yellow or the teal would you like that with sparkles or in neon? Pastel? Solid?  Scented?

I mean come on… Scented?!

It’s love.

And what’s especially great about them are that they last. After wearing them for the past two months the only reason I’ve had to repaint my nails has been because I’ve been eager to try a new color. Rarely does the polish chip and it doesn’t peel. With names like “In the Blue”, “Flash Dance Pink”,  and “Desert Sunset” and a price of $2.80 how could a diva lose?


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