Chihuly’s Beauty

31 May

Dale Chihuly makes glass look like nature redefined. Upon seeing his work last week, you couldn’t help but to gasp or if you’re super girly like me, say something along the lines of “OMG it’s so gorgeous!” And indeed it was. Dale Chihuly is an internationally known visual artist who uses glass blowing to create his eye-catching creations, which can be found at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts through August 7th. His exhibit entitled Through the Looking Glass is a walk through full of enormous flowers (“Persia’s”), seashells encased in the ceilings and pottery with twisted and turned spiraled handles, to name a few.  Much of Chihuly’s work exhibited at the MFA is comparable to popular naturel themes such as gardens and forests. I’d like to call it “exotic decor.” But if these pieces were meant to be used as decor, the rest of any room Chihuly’s work sits in would surely become just the background.

Chihuly's "Persian Ceiling"

Looks like paradise in a room huh? Beautiful. The exhibit’s size was smaller than expected, and finding it was somewhat difficult, but  the pieces are worth navigating for. Chihuly who was born in 1941 in Tacoma, Washington began working with glass at the countries first glass program at the University of Wisconsin. He has since then taught glass programs at the Rhode Island School of Design, cofounded the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State and his work has been featured in more than 200 museums worldwide.

    I first encountered Chihuly’s work in Las Vegas this past March (where he owns two retail stores), and instantly recognized it upon returning home to Boston when I spotted an advertisement on the side of the Trolley.  Seeing the work in pictures does not suffice. Bravo!


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