New Music: Jessie J

2 Jun

Britain just keeps giving us soul.  23-year-old English singer and songwriter Jessie J is a must listen. Her tracks “Price Tag” and “Do it like a Dude” have quickly gained the free-spirited singer much deserved recognition. Jessie J whose real name is Jessica Ellen Cornish has written songs for Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus, most notably the song “Party in the USA” which went platinum internationally. With her soulfully tinged voice and profound listen  Jessie J brings the depth that   much contemporary music has lacked. Her style is fresh. Her music is invigorating. Her voice is phenomenal and her message is inspiring. Love it!

 On her new debut album Who You Are:  “My album is a depiction of what I’ve seen in the last six years of my life. I have written songs about stuff that other people can relate to. It’s about being true to who you are and the kind of difficulties you go through in life.”

On her debut album: “The album did take six years to complete. As an artist when you’re working to put out your debut album; whatever you’re doing, it goes towards that. So for six years I’ve been writing towards it and the consistency never stopped. I wanted the album to be as strong as it could become over the six years.” (Via New Kerala, Photos via MTV)

Check out a preview of Jessie J’s genius  with “Who You Are”  acapella in NY’s subway (dope!):


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