Beyond Reviews: The Fun-Ta-Mental Mixtape

24 Aug

“Rappers” are everywhere. Like lit-er-ally. 

 But seriously, there’s no lack or shortage of rappers (girls and guys alike) in the city of Boston. It’s become a cliché to log onto to any social network and see ”studio sessions” (I swear I’m not taking shots), live performance invitations and  promises of taking over the game:  they run rapid throughout newsfeeds and Twitter timelines everywhere.

But to keep it absolutely a hunnit’ and fitty’ percent real: not everyone’s got the proper skills. 

That’s no shade thrown to Boston rappers, that’s just the reality of the field. But every now and then a certain someone does come along, throw on his or her latest and  you really pause, lean in and listen.

Which is why it was nothing less than refreshing to hear the Fun-Ta-Mental Mixtape; an impressive collection of short songs from Boston MC Jerard Rhoden who goes simply by JRod.

To meet Jerard in person he’s a complete gentleman. To hear his skills on the tracks he’s an absolute BEAST.

The mixtape has a great balance of hardcore rap (See: “Say I’m Wack”) mixed with more melodic, soulful serenades such as “Under the Moon Over the Sky.” His lyrics are thought-provoking and clever with the kind of flow that’s reminiscent of old school hip hop, but with current hip-hop hunger. Other notable tracks are “Hangovers and Contradictions” and “It’s a Shame”  (featuring fellow MA MC Notoriety). JRod says the project only took a very focused two months to complete and lists his main musical influences as Jay-Z, Little Brother, Mos Def, Common and Sade.

Not bad for someone really just getting warmed up. I can only imagine what’s to come.

For an official download of The Fun-Ta-Mental Mixtape: click click boom—>

And keep an eye out for JRod’s next musical drop coming in late September, another mini mixtape entitled “Au Revoir Summer.”


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