Fashion Week 2011

31 Aug

Sweet SWEET September is hours away. And with that it brings my favorite season for oh so many reasons. New York and Boston Fashion week is just 8 days away.  The count down has begun and I.AM.READY!

With that said I HAVE to begin with the one that’s been on my mind and keeping my eyes glossed over for the past few weeks.


Hah. That’s a hilarious name but they are adorable. For a more proper name let’s refer to them as “ankle wedges.”

These beauties, “Lima”, were spotted over at and yes that’s right for now they’re out of stock in all four colors of: Calfblood, Turquoise, Rust and Purple. But oh aren’t they gorgeous?!??

For all the print lovers: Prints reign as one of fashion’s most coveted and classic designs troops on. DKNY‘s “Aura” wedges were featured in Lucky Magazine paired with flannel tights also by DKNY.

Two of my favorites that I’ve seen thus far are the “80%20’s” by Urban Outfitters and these eye-catchers by Aldo:


Yes a simple red bootie- (ahem, ankle wedge) but when could you go wrong with a good red or black shoe? Going for just $100 a pair I may have to pull some over time to justify this steal.  Fashion Week this year just FEELS amazing already! Stay Tuned!!!!!

For some reason this song comes to mind when it comes to thinking about new fashion, let’s dance.


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