Inspiration of the Year

31 Dec

2011 has come to a close and everywhere (meaning every social media site) you look, there’s declarations of resolutions to be met in 2012. And there’s even a few anti-resolution people shouting out their disapproval of New Year’s resolutions. Whatever the case may be for you, I hope the one thing you’ll promise to do for yourself within this next year is simply the best you can do. As humans that’s all we can do and from year to year, or day-to-day, we can only try to make each day better than the last. 2011 was definitely a learning year for me and many other’s I know. It was both a challenging and joyous year. But isn’t that every year? Let’s just make this the best one yet, and then next year do even better. There will always be resolutions to be met and goals to be achieved and that in itself, is the beauty of life.

Life is SO FLEETING and so precious. It’s accompanied by its own highs and lows. But upon this year’s finish: we’re still here, still climbing, and trotting, and walking, and even pausing along on our own journeys. Right now is your moment. Do what you’ve always been afraid to do. Make a complete fool of yourself. Laugh out loud for real, often and as loud as possible. Just do it now, now is all you have. Why wait until a ball drops?  Pick up your own fire, throw it up and launch.


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