Is VIBE Magazine Crazy For This?

29 May

I have to admit when I saw the newest issue of VIBE magazine, I didn’t immediately jump the gun and start condemning VIBE for their cover, it was a actually quite an interesting spin. I got right away what VIBE’s message was and I saw the genius in their decision to capitalize on the controversy this byline would surely bring. Because well, unless you’ve been living the amish life you know or have at least heard of the problematic relationships these four women have had with the public sphere. Their names are dropped daily in blogs, tweets, facebook posts etc. All because of the “bad rep” they present on behalf of women and especially women of color. Each one of them is the star of a different reality show, and each one of them has their own fiery personality that made (makes) them said star. And yet they are our “Role Models.”

And I have to say  I agree with most of the shade that gets thrown their way. Most of the time these women get in front of the camera and act a damn fool. But in terms of VIBE’s marketing strategy on this whole fiasco? Well, that was a good look.


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