The interim.

18 Feb

I’m in such a fun, special and yet extremely fragile point in my life right now. I’ve finally graduated college after  a long five years of going hard and it’s almost as if I’m looking out at the world wondering if I want it in my hands (and how) or if I’ll let it all slip. Life, at every point and moment is precious. I have time and opportunities now that I may never have again so NOW is the time to go for them.

Am I where I would like to be career wise? No. I’m so in the back of the stadium trying to get tickets to the show. But do I have what it takes to stand center stage and shut it down? Absolutely. And it’s funny because the older I get the more I understand that I was born with that. It’s nothing that I need to go out and try to go get, it is for sure innate. But as with all God given gifts and talents: if it’s not appreciated and/or utilized it can be a waste.

“Time is money and I don’t have a dollar to waste.”

So in the interim of finding my next step and/or my next launching pad, I’m expanding. I’m traveling, I’m writing, I’m reading, I’m visiting lectures, museums, and galleries. I’m networking and volunteering. I’m trying some things I’ve always wanted to delve into. 

But even if I never (and thats a colossal IF- it won’t be for not trying) make it to that center stage in my career, I’m doing what I believe everyone should do and never waste another minute not doing: I’m LIVING.

Stay tuned.


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