Something New

13 Aug

So lately I’ve been really getting into the tech scene. I mean really into it. From reading about the innovative things constantly going on in the tech world, to discovering new social media sites, to YouTubing how to use new tech tools (Google Analytics, Adwords, Balsamiq etc..) I know it’s cliche but I do truly believe technology is the future. And I LOVE how ever-changing it is. Technology has changed the way we live almost completely. It’s changed the way we communicate and socialize, how we exercise, the way we receive our news, how we shop, how we save, navigate..just everything! I get so excited about it because it’s a reflection of human brilliance at it’s best, but also because it merges  human creativity (art, dance, music etc.) into modern technology and showcases it in a way thats never been done before. Art is so much more accessible which yes, does cause some unique challenges for the artist/industry but it also provides a plethora of open doors in terms of marketing, socializing and expanding artistic impact.

My only qualm is how to get deeper into it. I’m still on the surface level of understanding things and I wonder where are the conferences? Where are the tech communities? New things happen everyday in the tech world, where can I read about it and indulge in it?

I’m on a mission :) and I’m completely looking forward to adding: techy-nerd to all my online descriptions.


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