On ‘Elysium’ and why it scared the s#*! out of me:

27 Aug

Elysium was a great movie. A really great movie. It was well written, the acting was up to par, the movie had a  relatable storyline, everything about it was intriguing. Just superb. Shamelessly, this was a movie I went to see purely based on hearsay: reviews from friends and word-of-mouth (Facebook). Also Matt Damon is an MA native and I always try to support artists from my home state. Needless to say, it was overall worth the time and money.

When I posted on my Instagram and Twitter that I was going to see the movie I got more feedback alluding to the film’s socio-political themes and how they could be a bit unnerving. However, the scariest part of Elysium for me, wasn’t the thought that the world’s most elite and wealthiest citizens would build a separate “planet” from ours and leave the rest of us to die in an over-polluted, diseased-infested misery. The scariest part of the movie for me was the technology used, namely the weapons. Now I know that may stir up a chuckle or two, and this could be naive of me as I’m not a big watcher of sci-fi films, BUT those weapons scared the crap out of me!

Matt Damon and Jodie Foster star in 'Elysium'

Matt Damon and Jodie Foster star in ‘Elysium’

I look at this through the same lens of critics who like to point fingers at rappers who’s lyrics are full of violent material. The main argument there being: you’re responsible for all the violence going on in America’s streets and the violent ideas being placed into our youth! Well, I’d like to say that same argument applies to much of America’s movies. I’m all for creativity and for the “magic making” of filmmakers. However, going by this argument, if someone has the brain-power to think of small orbs that latch onto people and then explode, or bullets that also shatter anything within 25 feet of their target- who’s to say that kind of weaponry couldn’t exist in the future. Or even further who’s to say they don’t already exist?


As a critical thinker, a daily reader of the news at large, and well, as a citizen of the world we live in today I find it much less believable that one day all the rich people will move away to some high-tech planet with perfect air and no diseases, and much more believable that the world could turn into an every-man-for-himself battle zone with weapons most of us had no idea existed. Powerful enough to take those of us who aren’t super rich and elite out quicker than we’d have time to digest it all. I suppose that this could have been part of the film’s purpose, to get us thinking about things like this: mass destruction, poverty, the future of our children, the health of our planet. But after seeing this film and turning on CNN to see real life Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, etc.. Yeah, I was done. Great film? Yes. Totally worth the trip and the money. Unnerving? Completely- especially since I didn’t buy the ending, no one man can save the world from that kind of turmoil, not even MA’s own Matt Damon.


One Response to “On ‘Elysium’ and why it scared the s#*! out of me:”

  1. movieandtvbuff August 27, 2013 at 9:37 PM #

    If people can’t enjoy a movie because it’s a so called “socio political” themes than they probably should look in the mirror.


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