Chasing brilliance.

28 Oct

Scroll down to my last post. Carefully read the words under the image. Go that? Good. Now multiply that image in you’re head by six.


If I went back and recaptured ALL the books I’ve purchased this year I think you’d agree I have a bit of a problem. I read too much.

I’m sure you’re thinking “Ok, you can’t be serious. That is not a problem.” Oh but it is. You see I don’t just purchase these books and set them aside with the intention to read them, I actually read them, highlight full paragraphs, make notes, and underline words with the aim to build a better vocabulary from these books. I take books like this and make lists. Charts. Whatever the reading calls for. Whatever it takes to make the message stick. You would think I never left college. And on top of that I work two jobs, volunteer here, and work do social media rep for these guys.

I quote books and authors on a regular basis. They inspire my social media rants.  I usually know what my next book purchase will be long before I even start reading the next four or five books I’ve already purchased and lined up for reading (again, see previous post.)I refer to books more than anything else as inspiration in casual conversation-to which my friends side-eye me on a regular basis.

And still I never feel like it’s enough. I always have this feeling of why? or how? or what else?

I can’t socially relate to most of my friends and co-workers these days. Shopping? Meh…Clubbing? I’ll pass. Can we just grab a cup of hot coco and start a book club?? And in the meantime, while they’re out being normal sociable creatures on the weekends….









guess where I am?











That’s right: somewhere reading.

It’s like a hunger I can never satisfy, a nosiness for knowledge if you will.  

Early onset Grandma-ism.

I need to know what’s going on in the world and why.

I need to read other people’s perspectives or at the very least be in the midst of learning something new.And ironically it goes back to that old cliche:  the more I seek to acquire more knowledge, the more I realize I know nothing at all.

Oh but what beautiful ignorance it is.


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