Bombs Away.

16 Dec

(Photo via iTunes)

In the wee hours last Friday the 13th, every Beyonce fan (and foe) in the world had their wigs completely SNATCHED.  Mrs.Carter surprised the world by dropping her self titled 5th album, via iTunes which just appeared at midnight. She’s a bandit that Bey!

No promotions. No press. No warning. Nada. She’s a creative genius if you ask me.

And this album SLAYS.

(photo via The Fadar)

(photo via The Fadar)

“Queen Bey” completely skipped over the traditional  hootin’ and hollerin’ of releasing singles to build album anticipation (as if she even needed it) and showed the music industry (read: us all) that she does things on her own terms.

This album is surely Beyonce’s most honest work yet. As she moves from songs of vulnerability (‘Pretty Hurts”), to songs about loving her daughter Blue Ivy Carter (who is also featured on the album),  to literally loving her husband Jay-Z (“Drunk In Love”, “Partition”), and songs showing complete confidence (“Grown Woman”). Through her work here we see just how truly multifaceted an artist and woman she’s become. Songwriters and hitmakers Drake, Frank Ocean, Jay-Z all make appearances alongside Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. All, (I should note) in completely different, exciting and creative ways. I have to admit I was growing a little tired of Beyonce this year (I know how could I?), but everything started to feel planned and perfectly protected in her music. Welp. That ship has sailed and sunk.

Three days later and I haven’t stopped listening. Once you’ve  had a taste of what this album serves, I doubt you will either. Last Friday the internet damn near crashed while Beyonce probably sat back and laughed at us all running to catch our wigs in the wind. While trying to regain ourselves and understand what kind of musical bomb she’d dropped on us, her album shot to the top in 9 different countries and had social media on lock down. Who run the world? Bey.


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