‘The Trip to Bountiful” -A Review

13 Dec
Seeing a living legend in person is always somewhat of a surreal experience.
Shoot, even seeing a dead legend I’d be all “omg pinch me!”
Like…. you know…… if I were attending their funeral or something…..not in a ‘Walking Dead’ kind of way….
That didn’t come out right.
Moving on: I had the wonderful opportunity to see Ms. Cicely Tyson perform a Broadway hit live and it was a fulfilling experience to say the least. Ms. Tyson is now a ripe age of 80 and performing like she’s in the prime of her career. The Trip to Bountiful  by Horton Foote (not to be confused with the 1985 film) is a Tony award-nominated comedic play about an elderly woman, Carrie Watts, who’s moved away from her hometown (Bountiful) in Texas some twenty years ago, only to constantly and earnestly day-dream about her return.
In this adaptation Vanessa Williams co-stars as Tyson’s bitter daughter-in-law,Jessie Mae Watts, alongside (the incredibly handsome) Blair Underwood who plays her son, Ludie Watts. This play takes the audience on a joyously comedic adventure of a woman who is determined to return home, while revealing the significance of her families’ history and further promoting the theme of staying connected to your familial roots.
Tyson’s performance was absolutely delightful. From her sneaking off to the train station and befriending seemingly everyone along the way (most notably a young woman named Thelma played in the 2014 run by actress Jurnee Smollet), to her finally returning to her beloved Bountiful and recapping all her meaningful memories there–Tyson’s performance was exceedingly heartwarming.

And very telling of why Cicely Tyson’s career has reached the heights it has: her talent is unmatched.

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