Winter Fashion: The Cape Coat

13 Dec
It may be Olivia Pope’s fault but I am SO in love with this look:
(photo via Olivia Palermo)

(photo via Olivia Palermo)

I’ve always been a super-fan for any winter outerwear that doesn’t force you into the likeliness of the Abominable Snowman whilst in your commute. Traveling through slush,snow, and freezing temperatures is  more than enough to stress, let alone figuring what  you’re going to wear underneath all those layers. For me, this coat is the silver lining as we move into the eye of the storm that is winter. This look makes such an elegant statement whether you’re just heading into work or heading out for a holiday party. It’s polished, it’s flattering, and if paired with the right accessories (hats, gloves, scarf) you don’t have to freeze to look cute.
(Photo via

(Photo via

(Photo via

(Photo via

 The cape coat comes in varieties including: the trench, the tuxedo jacket, and a simple pea coat.There’s just something so exciting about having a coat be multi-functional, warm and it still looks effortless. Yay to being warm and fashionable this winter!

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