Know thyself.

28 Nov

“It is an amazing gift to be able to recognize that the things that make you the happiest are so much easier to grasp than you thought. There is such freedom in being able to celebrate and appreciate the unique moments that recharge you and give you peace and joy. Sure some people want red carpets and paparazzi. Turns out I just want banana Popsicles dipped in Malibu rum. It doesn’t mean I’ma failure at appreciating the good things in life. It means I’m successful in recognizing what the good things in life are for me. This makes sense because at the end of your life no one ever says shit like, “Thank God I got to ride an elephant.” Instead they say, “I wish I’d spent more time with loved ones.” So if you spent an hour playing the-floor-is-made-of-lava with your kid then you’re better off than the girl who traveled all the way to Sri Lanka. Plus, you didn’t get cholera. Depends, I guess.”

-Jenny Lawson, Furiously Happy


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