Kerry Washington x Elle Magazine

15 Mar

By now, it’s no secret that Kerry Washington is a force to be reckoned with. The 39 year old actress looks stunning on the cover and accompanying spread for Elle Magazine’s April issue.  Most widely known for her portrayal of powerhouse crisis manager Olivia Pope on the ABC/ShondaLand (massively successful) drama Scandal, Ms. Washington talks about the other major projects she’s got in the pipeline and her most important role yet in her real life: being a mother.


(photo via Elle)

Washington is executive producing and starring in the HBO biopic Confirmation, where she portrays attorney Anita Hill, known for her accusations of sexual harassment against Supreme Court Justic Clarence Thomas.

Washington says, “I’m a person who’s always been politically active and passionate about people’s rights. I marched against the [2004] Republican Convention. And as my career has expanded, it’s been important for me to not stifle that voice. Because you want to be popular, you want people to hire you, and I have to make sure I don’t do it less because I’m an actor….This moment was so important because it created a language around women being able to protect themselves. The behavior that Anita Hill described was going on in a lot of offices throughout the country, and most people didn’t think they were doing anything wrong,” Washington said of her inspiration for telling Anita Hill’s story. 


(photo via Elle)

Washington reflects on her relationship with her boss and friend Shonda Rhimes saying, “She’s been such an amazing resource, as a mom, and as a working mom…I am on one show and I have one kid, and she has three shows and three kids. Right now, she says, departing from her no-family-talk rule, her husband is at home listening to the audio version of Rhimes’s book, the first-person self-help journey Year of Yes. “We bought it for a bunch of people for Christmas because I feel like it’s a little bit of required reading.”

The issue will be available on newsstands March 22nd. 

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