Pharrell Williams x G-STAR

7 Apr

“…the artist often known as Skateboard P isn’t just in it for the pumped-up title. He recently acquired a financial stake in the company, and he is deeply passionate about the ideas he and his Bionic Yarn initiative continue to work on with the 37-year-old denim brand. It’s an enterprise rooted in environmentalism—specifically, in taking plastic bottles and turning them into consumer goods. When it comes to the partnership with G-Star, this year it will account for about 700,000 bottles recycled each season, roughly two million bottles per year, all marching toward one single goal: to slow down the effects of global warming. “There are the naysayers who say global warming is not a thing, but they’re starting to see,” he says with legitimate concern in his voice. “Places are flooding, the heat index is going up higher than it’s ever been, record heat months already, you know, hotter than ever on this planet. So denim is a good proposition, because it’s something that lasts long, so there’s an interesting metaphor there. Our denim lasts long, but our climate and comfort on this planet is not.”- excerpt from GQ Style


Pharrell GStar

(photo via G-STAR)


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