Kilo Kish x Saint Heron

2 May

SAINT HERON: I was recently thinking about artists that are really honest to the core, especially people of color. We need music like that.

KILO: Yeah! Being a black woman or any black artist, making something that’s not so set in genres associated with Black art is so hard because it’s either blogs usually don’t write about it, don’t get it or they judge it super harshly. Where as if I made only trap music then it would be this weird fetishized thing where it’s like “oh this is amazing because it’s fit specifically in this genre.” If I make total soul music or if I make very classic R&B music then it’s like all of these things are acceptable for who you perceive me to be. Then the moment that you step slightly out of the box or slightly into another genre, it starts getting weird where people are like, “I don’t really know how I feel about this,” and they don’t get it or they don’t like it or they don’t understand it. But you know the reason why it doesn’t make sense to them is because its a different experience with a different genre of music. I think artists like Santigold and M.I.A. probably had to go through this over 100 times or more. I think there should be more artists that are comfortable with taking the longer road or having to be okay with constantly explaining themselves and validating themselves as artist in their genre. It only opens up doors for more people, so I’m always okay with that. But yeah, it’s pretty weird in the music industry for black girls right now. DJ, designer and music artist Kilo Kish in her interview with Saint Heron.


Check out her music here.


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