Lupita N’yongo x 2016 Met Gala

5 May

Academy-Award and Oscar winning actress Lupita N’yongo is nothing short of a goddess in my eyes. Between her Cinderella-like twirl on the 2014 Oscars red carpet, and her powerful queen-like presence among the glamoratti, she consistently galvanizes even the harshest of fashion critiques to write favorable reviews.

Which is why her red carpet entrance at this past Monday’s 2016 Met Gala, with her perfectly sculpted, and shockingly sky-high hair paired with a fitted sequined Calvin Klein gown, seemed well within her character. N’yongo is consistently elegant in her fashion and beauty choices and hasn’t shied away from bold choices.

Personally, I’d thought this was just a nod to the futuristic theme of the gala. However, somehow Vogue concluded that N’yongo’s hair was inspired by actress Audrey Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn? What??? This, even after N’yong told Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley her hair was inspired by”sculptural hairdos from around the continent.” So why on earth was Audrey Hepburn named as an inspiration???

No matter. N’yongo soon-after set the record straight via an Instagram video (where, let us note, she tagged Vogue specifically): her hair was a salute to her Kenyan ancestry (whereas, tall hair is synonymous to wealth and prestige) and to singer Nina Simone. Let this be a lesson and stark reminder of why it’s important to diversify our beauty ideals beyond american and largely Caucasian influences. And you know, pay attention when explicitly told what the deal is. Lest we be schooled again.


(photo via eonline)


(photo via eonline)



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  1. Angel May 5, 2016 at 10:44 PM #

    literally everything <3


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