It’s cyclical.

14 May

“I have learned and unlearned how to live hundreds of times.

Whenever I am taught something new, I think that perhaps this will be the last step required to reach the top of the mountain, 

the note that justifies a whole symphony,

the word that sums up an entire book.

Yet most things, people and places end up disappearing and you have to start over… Or so it seems.

Our life is a constant journey, from birth to death.

The landscape changes, the people change, our needs change, but the train keeps moving.

God will guide you, because everything you ever experienced or will experience is in the here and now.

Whoever you met will reappear, whoever you lost will return. Don’t betray the grace that was bestowed on you.

Understand what is going on inside you and you will understand what is going on inside everyone else.”

Niyyirah Waheed

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