Mama Melanie

1 Jun


Melanie Fiona had me feeling all the feels and this time it’s not due to a love song. In what may be one of  the most candid and touching 21 minutes of footage I’ve ever seen, The “4 AM” singer recently posted a cathartic video via her YouTube channel reflecting on her birth experience. Fiona gave birth to son, Cameron, on March 14th after having an unexpected and particularly difficult labor which included developing a dangerously high blood pressure and a rare case of preeclampsia.

“I was disconnected from the whole process because it just happened. Until I sat down and really had to process what happened. And I had to deal with feelings of disappointment and feeling like a failure…That sounds so crazy because, how could I even look at this beautiful child and feel like I failed?”

In echoing what other celeb moms have said about the pressures to “snap back” post-baby, Fiona discusses her staunch rejection of comparing and rushing her journey or her body as she eases into motherhood. She goes onto to discuss an unanticipated journey of re-discovering herself through new motherhood, body changes, the necessary lifestyle adjustments, and confronting questions of what these changes mean as she moves forward.

“I’m looking at myself with completely new eyes, trying to understand who I am. What is this new body? Who is this new woman? Who is this new mother? And everyday I just try to be honest with myself and I try to forgive myself and be patient. And I look at my beautiful son and I don’t regret any of it….I would do it all over again.”

It’s nearly impossible to get through this confession without shedding a tear or two whether you’re a mother or not, but it’s well-worth the emotions and, per usual, she drops some real gems of wisdom throughout.

“Live in your truth. Be patient with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be forgiving of yourself. And love yourself. Love yourself at every stage…”

Lessons on lessons on lessons.

Check out the clip below:


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