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I’ve been a busy, busy Bee :)

8 Oct

I’ve been away from blogging for a bit trying to stay on top of work, grad school and most importantly: I’ve been working in roles  that will help further my dreams of being in the writing, editing and publishing world full-time. It’s definitely a journey, ya’ll. A give and take. Sometimes with more sacrifices than immediate rewards- but the feeling of doing what you love is priceless. There’s no feeling that can compare to living out your purpose and realizing your dreams.

More on that later.

But with that being said, please check out the latest production piece from Luce Inspiration Enterprises, where I’ve worked as the social media manager for the last 6 months. Lucy Coutinho is a journalist, radio personality and formerly worked at BET until she decided to pursue her dreams of becoming an author and owner of her own production company. Her Crown and Glory is an interview with two young woman immersed in their natural hair journeys who discuss the challenges women of color face when embarking on a mission to embrace their full selves, without the influence of mainstream standards of beauty. Check it out below!

Come through with the SLAY…

6 Mar

(via @KellyRowland)

All Hail: Solange stuns at Miami’s Art Basel

7 Dec
The Queen! Check out Solange’s look by designer Christian Siriano (Fall 2014 collection) at last week’s Art Basel event in Miami. The newlywed fresh off  her Brazilian honeymoonlooks absolutely stunning in this refreshingly bright two piece ensemble!


IWC Schaffhausen And DuJour Magazine's Jason Binn Celebrate "Timeless Portofino" During Art Basel Miami Beach



Scent Obsession: Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

29 Nov


If you’re into scents that are woody and musky but are still light and feminine, with a tad of sensuality, this is the scent for you.  From the fashion mogul empire that is Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen comes their newest scents Elizabeth and James Nirvana White and Black. I love, love, love that Nirvana Black is a strong enough scent to linger a bit, but without being overwhelming. And on the contrary the scent of Nirvana White is a much lighter and floral infused scent. Both are great fragrances but there’s just something about the Nirvana Black that’s got me hooked! Both can be found online or exclusively in-store at Sephora.


Product Review: Fresh’s Sugar Lip Exfoliant

22 Nov

There’s nothing worse then applying a beautiful  lip color and getting that “cakey”, or worse, peeling effect. *flinch*

I’ve seen it many times and yes, it’s happened to me as well.

Whether your lipstick is matte, or not isn’t the issue when it comes to a dry lip. It really is  how you care for your lips underneath the makeup that makes the difference.  Just like you should prime your skin before any makeup application- you should also prime and prep your lips before any color. Priming your lips is simply applying a thin layer of moisturizer (lip balm, chapstick etc..) to your lips before applying a color. Getting rid of dead skin is the key to a smooth and flawless looking lip. So to take it a step further in the priming process, try exfoliating your lips 2-3 times a week for the best results. 

This week I tried the Sugar lip defoliant from Fresh cosmetics and it is phenomenal!


The brown sugar crystals used in this product smell amazing and it left my lips moisturized for at least two hours after use-which is certainly key in these coming winter months. This product also uses natural shea butter and jojoba oils to keep your lips moisturized underneath any products or by themselves. It’s definitely a new facial care staple for me, try it at your local Sephora or Fresh store branches and let me know what you think!


30 Oct


Cirpriana of on from her GAP ‘Back to Blue’ appearance. #NaturalHair #ExpressYourself #BeOriginalBeYou

Summer Trend #1: Nail Art

20 Jun

Each year when summer makes it’s entrance, for the fashion and beauty world there’s always a “new” trend on the horizon. Last year the high-low skirt was a hit. Leopard print was (seemingly) everywhere. The wedge sneaker was, and is still in vogue. Yet this year the biggest trend I’m fully indulging in has nothing to do with clothing or shoes, but is just as necessary to complete a chic and polished look: colorful and polished nails. I’ve seen everything at this point thanks to pure street style encounters and through the help of Instagram. There are many different styles to choose from that may or may not cost you a pretty penny. Are you going the natural route? Acrylic? Squared acrylic or stiletto? Gel nails? Do you like brightly colored nails or are you more of a french tip girl? Do you like your polish shiny or matte? Diamonds? Bows? Tribal print? Neon?

Well, whatever you choose your nails should never be disregarded as non-issue. Whether many of us realize it or not everyone at some point notices your nails. (Unless you club for a living.) So if you’re strolling through the day with a chipped up mess or an apparent lack of nail care it won’t go unnoticed. Your colleagues, girlfriends, friends, customers, boyfriends, suitors, enemies, frenemies, barista, nosy neighbor and boss will notice.  Ladies. Even if you don’t have the time or the budget for a professional nail session do NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE with jacked-up fingers. A well done manicure says just as much about a woman’s hygiene as much as her hair maintenance. But I ain’t come here to preach.

I came to share some of my favorite colors and polish brands thus far. I’ve typically become a huge ESSIE fan but I also love Cover Girl and Sally Henson’s polishes as well.

This is Essie in "Mint Mojito"

This is Essie in “Mint Mojito”

Also an Essie polish: "Meet Me at Sunset"

Also an Essie polish: “Meet Me at Sunset”

Not my own design. Something I saw and thought was quite cute.

Not my own design. Something I saw and thought was quite cute.

Cover Girl's Outlast Stay Brilliant Polish in a pale blue.

Cover Girl’s Outlast Stay Brilliant Polish in a pale blue.

This one is an Essie Polish, "Miss Fancy Pants." Great color if you like neutral looks.

This one is an Essie Polish, “Miss Fancy Pants.” Great color if you like neutral looks.

I’m still playing around with different colors each week, and this is for sure one of my new favorite past times. I prefer to keep my nails simple (read: I’m not that ill yet), but switching up the color every few days gives me a chance to tap into some creativity. Do you have any polish brands and colors you love? Do tell!

Amazing words:

18 Feb

An inspiring truth at just the perfect time: (I’m beginning to think time is a theme this year)

The Fight Against An Illusion

26 Oct

Photo Credit: UPTOWN Magazine

“Good hair.” A phrase that I’ve grown to sincerely detest. And yet in black America, even with all the information we have about  caring for our hair, celebrities that proudly wear their natural texture and a burgeoning community of women who’ve had enough of trying to fit a cookie cutter standard of “beauty”- the term “good hair” still survives and thrives in our minds, our discussions, and ultimately our judgements on hair.

Let me back track. This is what set me off on this rant.

As much as I love Melanie Fiona’s music, I was sorely disappointed to hear her thoughts on why she believes she has long hair. Dear Melanie, 99% of women can grow long, healthy hair regardless of their racial background. No other group of women has been targeted to change our natural state of beauty more than black women. And we are also the top consumers in a billion dollar hair care and weave industry. But it’s for sure Melanie Fiona is far from the only woman who believes this myth. I’ve heard girls as young as 8 years old claiming that they either have “good hair” or “bad/nappy hair.” And these are usually the same little girls who grow into teenagers and young women who believe the natural hair they’ve been given is less than socially acceptable. I should know, because I was one of them. As a little girl my mother took excellent care of my hair until around the time I was 12, she gave into letting me perm my hair. And to be completely honest the biggest reason why I wanted to look like the girls on the perm boxes we passed anytime we’d go shopping. I wanted straight, long, PRETTY hair. It wasn’t good enough for me that almost everyone around me constantly commented on how healthy and thick my hair  already was.

Now I sit here more than ten years later (after perming, bleaching, jumping from one hair dresser to another, and overall mistreating my hair) sporting a bob cut and finally learning to love the hair I was born with. I recently discovered this book by Dr. Pheonyx Austin and it has truly changed my perspective on real hair care. Austin goes deep into the science of hair and what it needs to be healthy. I believe the biggest issue many women of color have with our hair is not the hair itself but our belief that it is not desirable or beautiful. We’ve been trained to think kinks, curls and coils are ugly. And truthfully thats not to say straight hair isn’t beautiful, it’s just not the only form of beautiful hair.

Upon further research into the natural hair and healthy hair communities I found no shortage of women who were living happily and freely without the stress of fitting a social standard for their hair. They’re most important goal was simply to make sure their hair was healthy. These women are eating balanced diets, giving their hair natural ingredients and protecting it like they’d protect anything else they love from harm. And as result many of them have the longest and thickest hair I’ve ever seen.

So to touch back on Melanie Fiona’s comment, it’s safe to say homegirl certainly felt the backlash of what she said. And as more and more women are learning to dispel the illusion of “good hair” I can only hope and do my part to make sure no other little girls walk out into the world  not believing that by nature they are already “good” enough.

Pucker Up!

27 Aug

I’m so excited for this. In case you can’t tell already I’m a sucker for purple this season and things just keep getting sweeter. Rapper Azealia Banks has just signed on with MAC cosmetics to release her own purple lipstick for a limited time. You may remember a similar situation with rapper Nicki Minaj two year ago. Banks lipstick is titled “Yung Rapunxel”- a nod to the “212” rapper’s alter-ego.  The shade hits MAC retail stores and online September 5th. Will you be buying?