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9 May

“You can’t let the circumstances of life, whatever they may be, deter you from getting what you want out of it.”

-Actor Terrance J in his interview  with ily magazine.

….something like that.

30 Jan

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Motivating thoughts on paper.

25 Sep

There’s no giving up

No letting go infinitely

There’s pushing and climbing for yours

Taking breaks if need be but

Eyes on the prize

Mind on the rise

Everybody’s not out for your best interest

But these answers have always been the simplest

Keep moving keep going

Keep hustling, and growing.

You’re already higher, and brighter, stronger

A fighter.

I already have everything I need.

Prayers on my knees,

Wisdom is all I think,

Words of love between my teeth.

My physical may be here, but my mind is there.

Opportunity and distraction simultaneously everywhere.

This crown upon my head I’ll forever wear.


Thoughts and conclusions…

24 Aug

I’ve learned not worry about questions, and still be fearless in asking them. Being in motion is a far more powerful statement. Doubt requires stagnance. Doubt is the single strongest opponent of purpose. I don’t have time for doubt. Purpose is calling and calling and calling.

Natural Delights :)

27 Dec

For the past three years I can say one of my toughest challenges has been finding and keeping a balance between school/work and having time to properly take care of myself. That means proper sleep (yeah ok), good eating habits, skin care and hair care regimens and also just having time to myself with friends and family. The beginning of the semester is usually fine: I have time to dance, do yoga, get some writing done, hang out with friends…everythings all good. And then around the third or fourth week of classes I start looking like a deer in headlights with raccoon eyes. No joke I get delirious often with my schedule. But it all comes with the hustle. Anyway, I wanted to share two absolutely amazing natural hair care products (and household ingredients) that have helped me combat the stress placed on my hair over the past three months.

Numero Uno: Virgin (or Extra Virgin) Olive Oil:

My mom is big on using as many natural products as she can and this is one she recommended to me when I was in high school that I never took advantage of. As usual, she was right. This product literally for me, worked overnight. Olive Oil has  been used for centuries by ancient civilizations to help with hair care. Specifically I use this on my eyebrows to help condition them and keep them growing.

Olive Oil is rich in Vitamins, A, B, D and K. It also contains a good amount of iron when consumed. For conditioned and thicker brows the process is simple: All you need is one cutip dipped in olive oil and to dab it lightly on your brows before bed. I wouldn’t recommend doing it every night but 2-3 times a week should be sufficient.

Numero Dos: Virgin Coconut Oil

Now the way I found out about this one is a bit silly, but I actually read about it in a love story. It was an Indian themed love novel I read  in September that piqued my curiosity about this remedy. The main character used it as a way to keep her hair growing and her scalp conditioned. I tested it out for a week or two and it works well. At first I wasn’t very fond of it because it actually made my hair grow a little too fast, but that’s the point right? Just remember to keep this one in a luke-warm environment, it’s best used while it’s still a bit solid.

I’ve become a fim believer in the importance of giving your hair (and skin) the healthiest treatment possible. (Quality> Quantity!) Both products are edible and can be found at your local grocery store for under ten dollars. For any other hardworking divas out there, here’s another way to keep your hustle up and keep your hair healthy too! :)

A Hero.

9 Jun


28 Mar

Wale’s got skills when dropping knowledge bombs.

 It’s refreshing to see his persona he pours into his music being synonymous with who he seems to be on a daily.

On good girls and bad boys:

“More often than not (good girls) dated the 24-year-old hustler with the latest Jordans and a Maxima (or some other mediocre vehicle that at that time meant the world to a girl whose only worries were Kate Spade or Dooney & Burke). To be 100% real, I don’t believe there is such a thing as being single. Like single, single. There is always someone your mind or heart is with, whether it be an ex or a friend who doesn’t know it yet. There is always somebody else. It’s just a matter of whether that person is special enough go up against potential seekers of #thatthing.

There was a certain girl I was seeing who was absolutely amazing, my timing was right, her timing wasn’t. I could have written a thesis on why the “other guy” wasn’t who she should be with. But there is an unwritten male code never to acknowledge the “other guy.” (See “Hater”)… Maybe it’s the carefree attitude that bad guys have. The “wrong one” doesn’t have any sense of urgency. Essentially, they don’t care if they get the girl, thus the lack of effort, courting, and whispers of you-cum-first. It’s the selfish approach.

Ironically, a lot of people dig it, without even knowing.”
via HoneyMagazine

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